Tradify website is a multi-vendor portal. It has many features like "Buy Now" and "Auto bidding" on pre-owned products.Search for Job,Looking for old and new property,Buy a car and sale out your old stuff.


E commerce websites have a huge competition in the US. Inorder to compete with the market leaders you need to have your website stay up to date based on the latest technology and UX/UI trends.


This portal is the biggest challenge for us because we don’t have to make a simple E-commerce portal, we have to combine 5 different portal into a single Website. Marketplace 2. Pre_owned marketplace 3. Vehicle Sale & Purchase 4. Property Search 5. Job Portal


Once the QA phase was complete, we reviewed the final product with our client. Once they were satisfied we started a pre-launch campaign for the new site so as to create buzz online.

Within a week of the pre-launch the website was launched and the project transited to the marketing phase.