After experiencing other SEO agencies and feeling underwhelmed, ODS partnered with TCP DIGITAL based on our measured approach.

  • 138%

    increase in first page rankings

  • 40%

    in organic traffic and phone calls


For ODS, the goal was to drive qualified traffic to the website and increase leads and overall revenue. Our team used a combination of local and technical SEO techniques to drive traffic volume.


Organically, our team focused on both on-page and technical elements to help drive international traffic. From href-lang tags to site structure, we helped position the site for international SEO. Our team also helped consult on content strategies to further boost the site into various markets. From a paid search perspective, we cleaned up and restructured the existing campaigns, refined demographic targeting and expanded our campaigns into new markets.


When we first started with ODS, they only had one location and have since expanded to three. With local offices, we knew local SEO was an important factor and have used local techniques to drive qualified traffic to the website, resulting in more phone calls and leads.